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Open to students and teachers of all ranks and from all Uechi related groups.
The International Uechi-ryu Karate Federation [IUKF] believes in thinking globally and acting locally. The IUKF is a world-wide organization that consists of regional Uechi-ryu dojo that conduct black belt grading twice a year, based on internationally recognized standards documented in the Black Belt Test Guide and interpreted and clarified by the IUKF “Rules Committee”. The IUKF is a member of the South China Martial Arts Alliance [SCMAA] and the Okinawa Family of Uechi Organizations.You can participate in the future of Uechi-ryu by joining the IUKF today!

Articles of Interest

Member Questions, Answered by IUKF President

I was asked these questions by a member of the IUKF from overseas, and I wanted to share my answers with the rest of...

Sechin Bunkai Variations

Wise Words from the UK

Hard and Soft



IUKF Rank Advancements and Certifications

All applications for certifications from the IUKF have a $100 application fee to cover the material cost, printing, listing, and mailing. The IUKF in...


I believe in training with no restrictions or mandates

Hello, This is a message to all Uechi-Ryu dojos and its members. The IUKF is doing great, and membership is growing by the day.  I...

IUKF Seminars in Brasilia

IUKF Promotions

Promotions at Winterfest Announcement

Dear IUKF current and future members: I'd like to provide a brief reminder that anyone seeking DAN and MASTER rank promotion via the IUKF must adhere to our...
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IUKF In the World

First Euro-Workout 2024

IUKF Germany was at the first Euro Wordkout in Ramsgate in the UK. Seven Uechika from the Regensburg and Pettendorf dojos took part. An...

Euro workout in June 2024

There is a planned Euro workout in June 2024 (28th- 30th June) Seminar schedule – TBA but the intention is for 60 – 90min sessions...

Sanchin, Conceitos e fundamentos na escola de Kanei Uechi

Apresento-lhes a série: O KARATÊ DE KANEI UECHI NO BRASIL, onde o primeiro livro não poderia deixar de ser, dedicado ao Kata Sanchin, o...

IUKF Seminars in Brasilia

Darin Yee Sensei, President of IUKF, arrived on September 12 in the city of Brasilia with the purpose of offering a series of seminars...

Comments on the seminar in Brasilia

I have been a student of karate Uechi-Ryu style since 2002. When I began, everything was a novelty and a wonder to behold. Over...


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