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Oct 03

Winterfest Add On Cruise Announcement

Hello Karate Enthusiast, Please be informed the following is not a part of Sensei Mattson’s Winter Fest.  Please read the following, as I feel it would add so much more to your decision to join us at Winter Fest this coming year and every year to come. To help provide a greater value for your …

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Oct 03

Hurricane Ian

Hello to our Uechi-Karate Family, I wish everyone well and hope these devastating pandemic years have not set us back too much. While we are finally turning the corner from one problem, Hurricane Ian strikes. Ian has taken a tremendous toll on our IUKF families here in Florida, along our US coast, and to Cuba …

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Sep 26

Hurricane Ready

I’ve heard tropical cyclone Fiona made landfall in Nova Scotia today.  I certainly hope all is well and everyone is safe while facing little property damage.  I also want to remind all my IUKF Uechi-Ryu brothers and sisters that the IUKF will be here for you as we have always been.  Areas like Cuba, Bermuda, …

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Aug 18

Riverview Review!

Had a great 3-hour workout with a couple of friends here in Riverview, Florida, on Sunday, August 7th.  I apologized for not being able to train as hard as they did due to the surgery schedule, but I did my best to demonstrate. We did some warm-ups and went into kata. We stopped after each kata to discuss the usage …

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Jun 07

Updates from IUKF Cuba

Check out these awesome pictures of IUKF’s Cuba promotions and workouts! Cheers to our Cuban Uechi Family and all of their hard work. Congratulations to all.

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