Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Promotions at Winterfest Announcement

Dear IUKF current and future members:

I’d like to provide a brief reminder that anyone seeking DAN and MASTER rank promotion via the IUKF must adhere to our promotion procedures.

>>>> To ensure fair and equal treatment for all candidates, there are no exceptions or shortcuts.  

If you are interested in learning how DAN and MASTER rank promotion works within the IUKF, please follow this WEBLINK.  Note that new or returning members must wait at least one year before they may apply for a promotion.

For prospective members who left the IUKF and would like to rejoin:  First, we welcome you back with open arms!  Note that if your rank has changed since you left the IUKF, we will evaluate your new rank to ensure it meets IUKF’s “time in grade” and workout standards.  Returnees whose new rank does not meet IUKF standards would need to retest according to the IUKF procedures prior to acceptance back into the IUKF.

Note that IUKF DAN candidates who would like to attend a DAN test led by Sensei George Mattson must follow proper protocol, otherwise, there may be a delay in receiving their certificate. 

MASTER rank candidates: please send me your completed application with all the required information and (weblinks to the) videos.  If you’ve already done that, please RESEND, as due to some technical difficulties, some information may have gone missing. My apologies for that.  

It is very important to the IUKF and its members that the MASTER and DAN rank promotion process is rigorous but fair, open, and consistent for all candidates.   I thank you in advance for your understanding and support!

Best wishes, and see you all at Winter Fest!

Darin Yee 

President, IUKF

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