Membership Benefits

Many dojos ask “What is the IUKF doing for me and my dojo?” As the IUKF expands and transitions, keep an open mind and you’ll realize there is everything to gain and nothing to lose. These are some of the current benefits of being an IUKF Dojo. As the organization evolves, so will the benefits.

No membership fees

Free Black Belt Certificates

IUKF Master Rank Present for Dan Promotions

Worldwide Dan Recognition

Work out in any IUKF dojo throughout the world.

Scholarship programs

Online classes with Sensei Mattson

Free Seminars by IUKF Masters

Discount on IUKF material

Discount for all Camps

Keeping Students after dan rank

Gaining dan ranked students

Free Online teaching tips

Free Online Dojo Listing

Regional Workouts

Free Link to your dojo website

Free Listing of your autobiography with picture