General IUKF USA membership Information:

All paid-up members. The general membership will receive periodic reports concerning IUKF.

New!: Dues for general membership in the USA are now only $50 a year. . . $30 a year for high school, college or university students.(You must be no older than 22 to qualify for the student discount) Contact Membership Director: Brett Maine <>

IUKF Dojo: General dojo membership and Board positions. Contact President, George Mattson at for information.

Special positions:

Capable members of IUKF, regardless of rank, may be appointed to specific responsibilities regarding the administration of IUKF. These individuals will always report to a member of the board or to a committee.

Test Board member:

All black belts members of IUKF holding rank of Yondan and above, may become test board members. Test Administrators may invite non-IUKF martial artist to sit on the test board as guests. If these guests are high ranking Uechi seniors, they may be invited to be one of the “voting members” of the test. Any Yondan or above that would like to join the test board, must:

  1. * Sit on a minimum of three (3) dantests in the capacity of “trainee”.
  2. * Trainees must hand in their test sheets and be involved in all aspects of the dantests.
  3. * Although their scores will not count, their performance will be graded based on how their scores compared with the formal test board’s scores and comments.
  4. * All testboard members and trainees must be familiar with dan test requirements and how the test board functions.