IUKF Membership Information:

IUKF memberships have transitioned to a dojo only membership structure. What this means is that membership requests and donations will be paid by dojos only. Individual/personal membership applications are no longer required or accepted. The donation amount required for membership is based on the size of the dojo and is structured as follows:

  • Garage/Home dojo: 5 members or less          $100/yr
  • Small dojo: 6 – 10 members                            $200/yr
  • Large dojo: 10+ members                               $400/yr

Membership Donations: The above donations are due by January 31st of each year. Payments can be made using the PayPal link on the membership form page using credit cards or PayPal accounts. Payments received after January 31, will be subject to a late fee to remain in good standing. As a 503(c) non-profit organization, your membership is now tax deductible. Please keep a record of your payment for your tax records.

2019 Membership Donation Exception: For 2019 ONLY, memberships may be completed at any time. This exception has been granted due to the transition of the new IUKF structure. 

Why join the IUKF? The IUKF is working to provide many benefits and services to its member dojos. The biggest advantage is listed and recognized dojo directory and IUKF certified titles and ranks. Dojos in good standing with current memberships, that is dojos whose application is current and fees are up-to-date, will be allowed to submit applications for kyu and dan rank certificates, as well as titles. Any dojo not in good standing, will need to meet eligibility requirements before any applications will be approved.


How to join: To join the IUKF email the IUKF Dojo Administrator. He will evaluate your request, assign you a Shihan login, and tell you how to pay the annual fee for the first time. *An application cannot be submitted without a Shihan login.

IUKF Dojo Administrator: Dan Maestas,
IUKF President: Darin Yee
IUKF Grand Master: Master George Mattson