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Oct 03

Hurricane Ian

Hello to our Uechi-Karate Family, I wish everyone well and hope these devastating pandemic years have not set us back too much. While we are finally turning the corner from one problem, Hurricane Ian strikes. Ian has taken a tremendous toll on our IUKF families here in Florida, along our US coast, and to Cuba …

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Jun 07

Updates from IUKF Cuba

Check out these awesome pictures of IUKF’s Cuba promotions and workouts! Cheers to our Cuban Uechi Family and all of their hard work. Congratulations to all.

Jun 06

Fun Photos from Winterfest

Here are a few fun photos from Winterfest 2022 (more to come!) As a reminder, everyone is invited to join next year and every year going forward.  For more information about the next Winterfest, please inquire with Darin Yee. P.s. Don’t need to smoke a cigar! Just join us for some great conversation before dinner …

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Apr 25

The IUKF in Cuba!

The IUKF is proud to announce that we are now represented by incredible practitioners in Cuba! Read on to see pictures!

Apr 05

Sensei Darin Yee – Online Workouts

Hello All, I hope all is well with everyone and you are practicing good health habits. I thank all the support I am receiving from everyone for my promotion.  I wanted to announce that I am coming back online to teach beginning on April 11 until I need to stop again for a torn bicep operation followed …

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