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May 25

FREE Autographed Copy of the Black Belt Test Guide Available

The Black Belt Test Guide

We are excited to announce that the IUKF will provide the Shihans (head instructors) of all IUKF-member dojos in good standing with an autographed copy of the Black Belt Test Guide by Sensei George Mattson as a gift from the organization.  We would like to note that while the IUKF will continue to use the Black Belt …

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Mar 14

A Message from IUKF President on Rank Requirements

Dear IUKF Practitioners, I want to state that everyone has a “letter of the law” to follow. However, honorable people live by the “spirit of the law.” I understand some of the writings can be ambiguous, allowing those who’ll manipulate the system to find alternative translations. 

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Mar 29

A Message from Germany

Darin Yee, IUKF President, recently did a seminar in Germany! Here is a message from Paul of … in German and English! German Version “Vom 6. Bis 8. Juli hatten wir ein Seminar Uechi-Ryu Seminar mit Darin Yee, 9. Dan und Präsident von IUKF in Deutschland (Regensburg und Pettendorf). Es war ein hervorragendes Seminar. Sensei …

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Mar 24

A Letter of Thanks from Whidbey Island

Tiger Martial Arts, Whidbey Island

We wanted to share with you this message of thanks from Whidbey Island, where Darin Yee oversaw the black belt testing and taught a fantastic seminar. “Hi Mr. Yee,We met while you were visiting in Washington during the Black Belt Test at the winery. We just wanted to thank you so very much for teaching …

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Mar 23

A Message from Darin Yee, IUKF President

Dear Brothers and Sisters, I sincerely hope you are well and practicing good sanitation habits suggested by our educated, seasoned health professionals. At times like this, we need temporarily set aside all the things we want to do and follow the protocol of what we should do. As an extrovert, I find it very difficult …

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