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Dec 07

A Visit with John Felipe

I’ve just come home from visiting Uechi-Ryu dojos in Arizona and California. I find people in our Uechi-Ryu family both friendly and receptive. These visitations were dedicated to the introduction of the new directions of the IUKF and of course the exchange of individual Uechi-Ryu ideas and techniques. The most noticeable dojo in the San …

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Nov 04

What it means to be International

  One of the benefits of being an IUKF member is the ability to travel to other areas of the world and find other friendly IUKF family members to greet you and to open their dojo to you.  Senior student John Joseph is certainly taking advantage of this perk as he’s a frequent traveler and …

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Oct 04

Lee Adams Promoted to 7th degree Black Belt

Congratulation to Lee Adams on his August 5, 2018 promotion to 7th degree Black Belt. IUKF President Darin Yee attended the promotional.

Aug 28

Darin Yee – New IUKF President

I want to thank Sensei George Mattson for his trust in me to carry on the IUKF as president. Along with this position comes a huge responsibility involving fairness, compassion and understanding while keeping in mind our enormous affiliations throughout the world.  We must also maintain our insistence to all rules and guidelines with no …

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Jun 12

IUKF 2018 Golf Tournament

Announcing the 1st IUKF annual golf tournament. Our tournament will be held at Cross Wind Golf Club a premier golf course in Plymouth on Monday, October 15, 2018. This tournament will be a shotgun start at 9am sharp in a Florida Scramble format which means you will have to arrive at 8am for pre-tournament orientation. …

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