Teacher & Student Role

Student-Teacher Definition


A student is a person who actively studies Uechi-ryu from a Uechi-ryu Karate Association: North American Chapter (IUKF) instructor.

Apprentice Instructor: (Shidoin)

A student who is at least of Brown Belt rank and is in a program where he/she is learning how to teach. An Apprentice Instructor may assist in class, but only while supervised by an Instructor or Full Instructor.

Shihan (Teaching Certificate):

A special rating awarded by the IUKF to individuals possession superior skills and teaching abilities in activities, techniques and skills, having a unique and specialized benefit to IUKF and/or members of IUKF. This ability may be in the art of Uechi-ryu or in non-Uechi-ryu areas. A “Shihan” is an individual acknowledged to be someone qualified to teach their special skills in a safe and professional manner.

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Uechi-ryu Master

IUKF members who hold have been awarded the title of Renshi, Kyoshi, Hanshi or Hanshi-Sei. IUKF may confer Uechi-ryu Master Titles to qualified individuals who meet all of the standards and requirements for these titles. A Renshi may wear a gold tab on both ends of the belt. A Kyoshi may wear 2 gold tabs and a Hanshi may wear 3 gold tabs. There is no special belt designation for Grandmasters who attain the title of Hanshi-sei.