About Kyu Rank Promotions

About it

kyu_cert_sample Kyu members of IUKF receive a number of benefits in the membership package, including a beautiful membership certificate, with space for the teacher to fill in dates with signature for all kyu ranks:

Kyu Examination Standards:

All IUKF members agree to uphold and maintain the Kyu testing policies as set forth from time to time by the Federation. With Dojo of fifty or less adult students, Kyu testing may either be performed on a monthly basis for all ten Kyu or tri-annually for Gokyu and Sankyu only. For Dojo with a membership greater than 50 adults, Dojo agree to conduct a minimum of one Kyu test per month at their Dojo. All Dojo agree to uphold consistently fair and instructional promotions.

Although individual dojo may follow any kyu rating system, many schools use the following belts:

Dojo Belts
Jukyu: All white belt
Kyukyu: All white belt with a green tab on both ends of the belt.
Hachikyu: White belt with 2 green tabs.
Sichikyu: White belt with 3 green tabs.
Rokkyu: White belt with a 6? green tab on both ends of the belt.
Gokyu: All green belt.
Yonkyu: All green belt with a 2? brown tab on both ends of the belt.
Sankyu: All brown belt with a black tab on both ends of the belt.
Nikyu: All brown belt with two black tabs.
Ikkyu: All brown belt with three black tabs.
Shodan: All black belt.