Wednesday, April 24, 2024

A Visit with John Felipe

I’ve just come home from visiting Uechi-Ryu dojos in Arizona and California.

I find people in our Uechi-Ryu family both friendly and receptive.
These visitations were dedicated to the introduction of the new directions of the IUKF and of course the exchange of individual Uechi-Ryu ideas and techniques.

The most noticeable dojo in the San Francisco area was East Bay Karate-Do whose Sensei is John Felipe. He is a dynamic young teacher with plenty of energy and progressive ideas.
The setup of the spacious dojo is methodically designed with maximum usage in mind.

Upon entering the dojo, I witnessed the students diligently training. I can see the joy they resonate as they skillfully demonstrate their katas, weapons and prearranged sets. This is training as it should be. The more we indulge, the higher our spirit and our skills progress.

Sensei John Felipe has certainly demonstrated to me his ability to build, grow, and teach in a Uechi-Ryu Dojo.
The IUKF is very proud to claim Sensei John Felipe as one of our up and coming young leaders in the Uechi world.

Darin Yee

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