The Uechi-ryu  “Black Belt Test Guide is just one of the “perks” you receive as a member of IUKF. Join today!

The Black Belt Test Guide

FREE Autographed Copy of the Black Belt Test Guide Available

We are excited to announce that the IUKF will provide the Shihans (head instructors) of all IUKF-member dojos in good standing with an autographed copy of the Black Belt Test Guide by Sensei George Mattson as a gift from the organization.  We would like to note that while the IUKF will continue to use the Black Belt …

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A Message from IUKF President on Rank Requirements

Dear IUKF Practitioners, I want to state that everyone has a “letter of the law” to follow. However, honorable people live by the “spirit of the law.” I understand some of the writings can be ambiguous, allowing those who’ll manipulate the system to find alternative translations. 

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