scmaa_logo2The IUKF is dedicated to advancing the finest traditions of the martial arts by encouraging and promoting the development of physical, mental and spiritual health with a commitment to personal dignity, mutual respect and service to the community.

The Organization:

The International Uechi-ryu Karate Federation (IUKF) believes that synergistically, a large group of Uechi-ryu dojo working together, makes individual dojo stronger. As an organization, IUKF will help individual schools become builders of strong, successful individuals. IUKF will maintain high black belt standards while establishing new and exciting course curriculum. The senior advisors and instructors, comprising the leadership within IUKF, will be role models for the membership, leading by excellent instruction, understanding guidance and personal example. The leadership will always be available to assist teachers and students, with understanding, compassion and patience. IUKF will conduct and sanction yearly events for the benefit of the students and teachers. Finally, IUKF will maintain a strong and fraternal relationship with its parent organization (SOKE) on Okinawa and China.

The Individual Dojo and Instructors:

The Uechi-ryu dojo is run by its Instructors, for the benefit of the students. Instructors in Uechi-ryu have a single mission within the dojo; to return the knowledge and confidence given to them by their teacher, back to their students. To accomplish this, a IUKF instructor is charged with maintaining all IUKF standards within the dojo and making Uechi-ryu available to all who agree to follow the rules of IUKF. Instructors are able to accomplish this because they are motivated, disciplined, intelligent, persistent and loyal. Instructors must attend all regional teacher’s workouts and continue their own training, under the supervision of their teacher.

The Individual Student:

The students are the lifeblood of a dojo. Every effort is made to provide students with the very finest Uechi-ryu . In return, the dojo expects each student to approach the study of Uechi-ryu with the same dedication and commitment as their teacher. IUKF recommends approaching the study of Uechi-ryu in a disciplined manner. Establish frequent, attainable goals for yourself with your instructor. Set a timetable for success. Know when you will next be tested for a rating. Work hard to pass this test. Your teacher will help you attain your goals. Remember that Uechi-ryu :is a life-long journey, taken one step at a time!