Black Belt Test Information Form


PLEASE READ – Guidelines From The IUKF Test Administrator

September 18, 2019

Fellow IUKF Members,

Maintaining the credibility and legitimacy of your certifications is my highest priority.  We are consistently revising procedures so that we may modernize and be able to handle the needs our all our members around the globe.

If you or your teacher (applying on your behalf) is applying for Black Belt Test Certification, please complete the form bellow.  You may only enter 1 individual per submission.  Once your form has been submitted, due diligence will take place based on the IUKF Promotion Strategy.  This includes reaching out the the IUKF-Member Sensei which essentially endorses the application for the purposes of verification.

If you would like to guarantee that your certificates are received by the APPLICANT’S TEST DATE, you must submit your application at least 90 days in advance.  Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that your certificates will be received by a specific date if I am not given at least 90 days to complete due diligence.


The application fee paid via PayPal will be required only after I have completed due diligence.  Please await my response before submitting payment.

The following application fees apply:

Standard Application Fee:  $100 US$

Applications From Bermuda & Canada:  $150 US$ (note that Canada has a link to a different form)

If you require assistance of any kind, you are welcome to reach out to me.


Text:  925-238-3139


Ian Rey P. Quitilen

IUKF Test Administrator

Please fill out and submit this Black Belt Test Information Form for review and approval by the International Black Belt Test Administrator and the President of IUKF.

Teacher's Name*
Teacher's Mobile Number*
Teacher's Email Address*
Dojo Address (where certificate will be sent)*
Dojo City,State*
Dojo ZIP Code
Applicant's Full Name*
Applicant's Date Of Birth*
Applicant's Email Address*
Applicant's Last Promotion*
Rank Being Tested For*
IUKF Registration # (if any)*
Applicant's Test Date*

  • Please use this PayPal button to pay the test administration fee once you have been instructed to do so.

  • Please select the correct dollar amount and select “Certificates” from the drop-down menu.

  • In the notes section please indicate the following: “Test Application Fee” / (applicant’s name or names if paying for multiple).  EXAMPLE:  Test Application Fee / Ian Rey P. Quitilen, John A. Doe (2 people from the US = $200 application fee)

Video Instructions for Payment