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Clarification Regarding Promotion & Master Rank Testing

The IUKF is undergoing a revision of its procedures to serve its members better.  I’m sure there must be many questions going forward.  I hope the following information will address some of your concerns.  If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to communicate with us.

Our organization is global, and our membership is extensive.  We understand the difficulties of trying to accommodate everyone 100% of the time.  Please understand the best that we can do is to make decisions that will serve the majority of our membership.  In order to maintain stability and consistency, we cannot offer conflicting agreements from one dojo to another.


Promotion For Shodan To Godan

The IUKF determined many years ago to implement “dojo testing” for Sho-dan to Go-dans.  That is to say, that each member dojo shall test students for Shodan up to Godan and may promote at their discretion.  The IUKF holds the Sensei/Direct Teacher responsible for upholding general standards and competency of the Applicant and will not scrutinize promotions at that level. Our current Senior Advisory Board upholds this current practice.

Each member dojo will conduct their own testing and apply their own standards specific to their dojo.  Each member dojo is advised to assemble their own testing board.  All member dojos may request the presence of a master rank from the IUKF, and we will make all efforts to make that possible.

The IUKF recommends your dojo follow the minimum requirements listed in the Black Belt Test Guide (which you can purchase online in Sensei Mattson’s store, or as a member dojo, you can view our suggested guidelines on our website in the members’ section).

Promotion For Rokudan & Up

Master ranks (Roku-dan 6th degree and up) are asked to uphold a more exceptional standard.  The candidate must record all 8 katas; and a bunkai of at least 8 techniques/combinations of his/her choosing.

Your katas will demonstrate you are still actively training and retain all the knowledge which paved the path to where you are.  Your katas will be judged by 3 anonymous master rank members from around the globe (preferably with no personal ties or conflicts) who can judge you without prejudice or partiality.  

The master rank must also demonstrate their knowledge of the arts which he/she believes they have mastered.  We are not asking you to create a long, formal bunkai like Seisan Bunkai.  Bunkai simply explains the application of movements or our technique.

Candidates will be required to demonstrate the 8 Uechi-Ryu bunkai movements from our 8 katas and how he/she would use them in an actual application.  This way, we can all witness your mastery and understanding of your master rank request, as well as to share your ideas with the rest of the Uechi World.

We thank you for your loyalty and contributions to the IUKF. Together, we will grow and improve.

Darin Yee
IUKF President 

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