Oct 15

2020 European Regional Seminar

Uechi-Ryu Karate Do

Set in the grounds of the Discovery Science Park Building 509, situated close to the historic towns of Sandwich, Canterbury and Dover, the European regional Uechi-Ryu workout 2020 promises to be a must attend Seminar for the serious Uechi practitioner.

Uechi Brethren from all associations have been invited so we can share and engage with the wider community and enjoy 2 days of training from September 19th – September 20th, 2020.

We have confirmed presenters from USA/UK/Germany including:

  • George Mattson – 10th Dan Father of Uechi Ryu in America
  • Darin Yee – 9th Dan IUKF President
  • Al Wharton – 9th Dan IUKF Bermuda
  • Jim Hulse – 8th Dan IUKF GB
  • Lee Adams – 7th Dan IUKF GB
  • Paul Kronschabl – 6th Dan IUKF Germany
  • David Harris – 6th Dan Uechi Ryu GB
  • Scott Hulse – 6th Dan IUKF GB
  • Thomas Podzelny – 5th Dan Okinawa Uechi Ryu Karate do Assc.

On Saturday evening, there will be a 3-course meal (separate charge), bar, and music so we can relax and have time to chat.

Junior Seminar (under 14) is on Sunday, September 20th from 9am – 12 Noon FOC
*Please pre-register via email – shogun@talktalk.net


Early Bird Special:

Seminar cost £80/$100/€89 for the weekend
PayPal link – paypal.me/Shogunmartialarts – please put ‘Seminar’ in comments

3 Course Celebration Meal

Cost: £20/$25/23EUR
PayPal link – paypal.me/Shogunmartialarts – please put ‘Celebration’ in comments

Other Information:

Trains from London:

  • Ramsgate – 1 hour 18minutes then taxi for 10 minutes
  • Canterbury West – 58 minutes then taxi for 20 minutes
  • Sandwich – 1 hour 28 minutes then taxi for 8 mins
  • Dover Priory – 1 hour 5 minutes then taxi for 25 minutes


Building has started on a travel lodge in the Discovery park site; the hope is that this will be available for the event, however other options are available. Shogun has a minibus which should be available to shuttle attendees from local hotels to the event.


  • Sandwich Taxis – 01304 617 424
  • Thanet Cars – 01843 666 666
  • Longley’s Private Hire – 01227 710 777

**Please note that you don’t have taxi’s at Sandwich train station, please book in advance.** maybe for registration.


There are many things to see and do in the UK during your visit some suggestions are listed below, if you get a chance why not visit the historic City of Canterbury with the world-famous Cathedral which will celebrate its 800th birthday in 2020, explore the historic streets the home of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales.

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