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IUKF Seminars in Brasilia

Darin Yee Sensei, President of IUKF, arrived on September 12 in the city of Brasilia with the purpose of offering a series of seminars to members of IUKF Brazil and friendly organizations for a period of one week.

The brothers Luiz and Paulo Monteiro Sensei were in charge of organizing a complete week of training, where two daily sessions were held: one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Students actively participated in both daily classes, traveling long distances to be there.

It had the support of the Fkeo – Federação De Karatê Dos Estilos Okinawanos (Karate Federation of Okinawan Styles), whose representatives and members attended the training sessions with Darin Yee Sensei.

To assist in the seminars, the representative of IUKF Argentina, Cecilia Salbuchi Sensei, participated.

To everyone who was part of this incredible week of training, thank you very much!

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