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Dantest and Seminar at IUKF Germany with Lee Adams (UK)

On May 20th and 21st a Dan Test and a Uechi-Ryu Seminar with Lee Adams (IUKF UK) took place in Regensburg, Germany. Five Uechika from Regensburg passed a dan test. Philipp Merkl – Godan, Michaela Günter – Sandan, Martin Beiel – Sandan, Jürgen Donhauser – Nidan, Volker Kösztner – Nidan.

Lee Adams and Paul Kronschnabl shared the leadership of the seminar. My special thanks to our guest Lee Adams Sensei, who held a very interesting seminar. All present participated eagerly and it was a lot of fun for everyone. Thanks also to Lee Sensei’s students (Sarah and Adnan) who traveled with him. After the seminar and the exams we celebrated of course extensively.

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