Apr 22

Darin Yee, VP

Hello Friends and Senseis,

darin yee 5-18-08-CThis is a reminder to watch for the next regional workout being held near you.

There is no politics.  Just a great workout with our Uechi Family and a dinner/social afterwards at a nice pub right across the parking lot.  All respectable dojos are welcome and encouraged to attend.

This 2 hour workout will consist of a few warm ups, stretching exercises, punching and kicking drills, performing all 8 katas, discussion and practice of choice techniques within all 8 katas and if we have any time, we can train some of the fighting techniques I used during my fighting days.

The mat fee is $15 per person.  This will cover the rental of the space, the payment for a custodian and insurance which was required for the rental.

Regional workouts are opened to all ranks.  I have assigned black belts to work with students who don’t know the higher katas.  At the last regional workout, I invited some of my Jr. black belts and they had a great time.  I am again allowing them to attend.  Please ask your Jr. black belts to attend also.  Remember they will be the future of our system.  We should want to get them involved and prepare them for the future.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.  You have my email address.

Darin Yee

Apr 20

Brett Maine Appointed. . .

Brett Maine

Brett Maine

Uechi-ryu sensei Brett Maine has been formally appointed as IUKF Membership Director.

Brett, in his new position, will be in charge of handling all membership issues, including updating the master database, issuing permanent ID numbers with a membership kit.

Good luck Brett in your new jobs.

Brett’s email address is: membership.iukf@gmail.com

Apr 17

Welcome to International Uechi-Ryu Karate Federation!

gem headshotOpen to students and teachers of all ranks and from all Uechi related groups.
The International Uechi-ryu Karate Federation [IUKF] believes in thinking globally and acting locally. The IUKF is a world-wide organization that consists of regional Uechi-ryu dojo that conduct black belt grading twice a year, based on internationally recognized standards documented in the Black Belt Test Guide and interpreted and clarified by the IUKF “Rules Committee”. The IUKF is a member of the South China Martial Arts Alliance [SCMAA] and the Okinawa Family of Uechi Organizations.

You can participate in the future of Uechi-ryu by joining the IUKF today!

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