Mar 01

Pictures from Cuba

Sensei Noslem Torres of Cuba was so kind as to send the IUKF pictures of him visiting dojos in Cuba!

Collage of Students from Cuba

Thank you, Sensei Noslem Torres!

Dec 27

Seasons Greetings

Fireworks on New Years

Hello All,

As I do every year, I remember all the great martial artists I’ve known throughout the years and feel I need to reach out to wish you strength, health, and prosperity this new year and the many new years to come.  I have experienced many tough years, but I realize I’ve had many great years. Through Uechi-Ryu, I was granted the opportunity to meet and interact with so many wonderful people. I feel truly blessed.

Thank you for your friendship. I wish you and your family the very best in your training and your life.  May all your good deeds come back to you in multiples of 10.  

Peace on Earth and Goodwill to Man.

Darin Yee
President of the IUKF

Dec 18

2020 Brazil Regional Seminar

On Saturday, March 14, and Sunday, March 15, from 9 am to 6 pm a seminar will be held at the Kanshukai dojo with Sensei Luiz Monteiro. All Uechi-Ryu students are welcome to attend.

These seminars will feature IUKF Grandmaster, Sensei George Mattson, teaching Uechi Ryu principles and IUKF president, Sensei Darin Yee, also a master of several kungfu systems teaching Chinese understandings and usage for our Uechi Ryu movements. 

Sensei Mattson and Sensei Yee will be there several days after the seminars.  They will be available to work with individuals or groups. Arrangements with either sensei are required.  

The cost of these seminars is $60 Brazil currency or approximately $15 US.

Dec 14

IUKF President Visits New Mexico

Steve Vosa's Students

On October 24th, Steve Vosa’s dojo in Albuquerque, New Mexico hosted Sensei Darin Yee to share his Uechi Ryu concepts with various Kung Fu interpretations with students. Sensei Yee had the opportunity to workout with IUKF members, Mia and Trevor Parker, along with our gracious host Steve Vosa. 

Darin Yee demonstrating an attack with a student.

At the seminar, attendees participated in drills and discussions from Sensei Darin Yee. Darin Yee would like to thank Steve Vosa’s students for their gracious hospitality and the opportunity to share these concepts.

Sensei Darin Yee wanted to share a few words on the seminar, please read below:

“I appreciate the fact Mia and Trevor traveled a great distance with a large number of students and stayed in hotels to participate in my multiday seminars.

Trevor and Mia were also accompanied by a few junior students who’d appeared to have had an excellent time.

Although Sensei Steve Vosa was extremity busy with personal matters, Sensei Steve Vosa was most hospitable. Hopefully, I will have the opportunity to repeat my visit when Sensei Steve Vosa can extend my stay with more intense workouts.”

Steve Vosa's Dojo with Sensei Darin Yee

Dec 05

2007 Video Seminar – Blast from the Past

Just discovered, by Sensei George Mattson, was a fascinating video of a 2007 New England seminar that he taught.

Henry Thom being "checked" during his 10th dan promotion.
Henry Thom being “checked” during his 10th dan promotion.

Many of the participants were senior black belt students and teachers, which gave him an opportunity to focus on instruction methods which are his personal favorites.

Although there are many variations in understanding of Uechi-ryu, Sensei Mattson attempted to present areas of study that he strongly believes in and wished to make available to our Uechi family. 

Please click HERE to watch the video!

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