Thursday, May 23, 2024

A Message from Poland

Hello to the IUKF,

I really appreciated your email to the rest of the Uechi Ryu community and me. Your comments represent what it takes to lead an organization such as IUKF.

Your words, comments, perspective, and thoughts represent for me what I have been thinking all through my martial arts training. First, my 50 years in Isshin ryu and my five years in Uechi ryu. For myself, I train both styles as pure to my original teachings as possible. I have, however, moved on to incorporate all things learned into my own personal style that is designed only for myself. My slight build is suitable to Ip Kai Man’s Wing Chung’s style. I have also undertaken to teach myself these forms to incorporate into my own personal style.

There are other thoughts. One major thought is that of: If I am a high-ranking individual, should this play any part in whether or not I could defeat a superior opponent? There will always be someone better than oneself. Our ranks and defeating an opponent, for myself, are of two different dimensions. I train for my higher rank, and I also train in my own personal style to fight a superior opponent. They, of course, both merge into what I call “Heaven and Earth.” This is my own personal style. A balance of the Tao and all things learned and given to us by heaven and earth.
There are other thoughts, but the above thought surmises what your thoughts brought out from my inner thoughts.

Please continue in your writings to us as all things lead us to our own personal balance between Heaven and Earth.

Kind Regards,
John Blacha
Okinawan Academy of Martial Arts
Waterford, Michigan
Krakow, Poland”

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