Jul 07

A Message from Germany

The IUKF was excited to receive a message from Sensei Paul Kronschnabl, a Renshi Rokudan from Germany. We have shared his message below:

We are proud to share with the IUKF community that we have been back in my dojos, Regensburg and Pettendorf, for three weeks after the lockdown was released.

After a month without contact, it is not as smooth as it should be, and we certainly need more practice in sparring and grappling. Fortunately, everything is going well so far, and I am incredibly pleased that no one quit in the lockdown time.

The sensei of a Shorin Ryu Seibukan Karate Dojo asked for a workout with my students and me, so his students can learn something about Uechi-Ryu. I am so happy that we can work out together in a couple of weeks and learn from each other. I am personally excited to learn some block techniques and Karate-ka that I do not yet know.

We look forward to what the future will continue to bring to us and the Uechi-Ryu community!


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