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IUKF Master nominated to International Martial Arts Hall of Fame

On Saturday 24th June 2023 I attended the International Martial Arts Hall of fame (London), My nomination was from Sensei Sid Werthan and I was pleased to receive confirmation of this prestigious award, the event was held in Kensington London at the Tara Copthorne Hotel, the day consisted of 4 hours seminars by selected  awardees, it was an excellent opportunity to swap ideas and variations on techniques that we may not have considered, martial arts represented included Karate, MMA, Wing Chun, Systema, Krav Maga and Kavanah.

My seminar looked at some of the Yakusoku kumite and how the use of Pin, Trap and utilisation of primary and secondary balance points, feedback was excellent, and this led to a number of clubs asking me to visit dojo’s to expand more. Once the seminars had finished there was a short break and, in the evening the Black tie event commenced, I was lucky enough to be presented and award for excellence in martial arts which was very much appreciated and was a in part a recognition of my 55 years of studying the martial arts.

The event was hosted by GM Gary Wasniewski and all monies raised on the night were donated to Cancer research a charity very close to my heart. Most importantly to me was the opportunity to make new friends and create opportunities to show Uechi Ryu to a wider audience. Notable award winners this year include Master Samuel Kwok, GM Neal Farber and Chuck Norris.

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