IUKF Structure


84_campThe IUKF organizational chart consists of a President, Vice President, Chairman, board of advisors, test boards, consultants and committees. The board of advisors consists of select people who have special skills. The Board, at the current time, has been appointed by George Mattson.

The Dojo:

By signing the application for membership and being formally accepted by the admissions committee, member agrees to abide by and fully support this charter and all future amendments that might be forthcoming.

The Dojo is the most important entity of IUKF. The “SOKE” philosophy of “Sacred Space” is especially important to IUKF regarding all relationships involving the membership. The Dojo is considered to be the focal point of Uechi-ryu. This is the place in which all Uechi-ryu activities take place. No person, group of people or organization must ever interfere with the sacred space joining students, Instructors and the Dojo.

Individual Membership:

All active students and teachers of a dojo are encouraged to become members of IUKF. Like other professional organizations, IUKF relies on an active and supportive membership to function.


The Shihan promotion is separate from any of the regular physical tests for rank. The term Shihan means “expert or professional Instructor”. In the IUKF, a Yondan (4th degree Black Belt) may be awarded a Shihan degree.

The individual dojo is responsible for developing their own teaching programs and recommending students for the Shihan (teaching) program. When a candidate for Shihan has successfully completed the in-dojo teaching program, and has met all IUKF qualifications, the dojo will recommend the candidate to IUKF and IUKF will issue the Shihan certificate. (Click Here for details)

Master Titles:

(Renshi, Kyoshi, Hanshi) are awards given to deserving individuals who have demonstrated contributions to Uechi-ryu, not necessarily related to the physical performance of the art of Uechi-ryu.

Dojo Administration

The Dojo owner is 100% responsible for his/her own business policies involving non-Uechi-ryu matters. The only constraint is that these policies must not in any way reflect badly on IUKF, on Uechi-ryu or in any other way potentially pose a threat to overall IUKF Uechi-ryu goals.

New Dojo:

Commercial Dojo:

A commercial Dojo is a space devoted primarily to the teaching of Uechi-ryu. A sign or other identifying method tells the public that within this space there is a Uechi-ryu Dojo.

Educational Related Dojo:

Any space owned by a school, church, college or university where the Uechi-ryu Instructor participates in a program whereby the Dojo activities are part of the curriculum of the educational or church program.