Executive Summary

Executive Summary

I’m proud and pleased to report that the international organization I created many years ago, with it’s charter focusing on member benefits, activities to promote friendship and fraternity among Uechi practitioners plus codes of conduct and ethics that guide the member dojo, teachers and students, is in place to continue guiding our Uechi-ryu into the future.

Seniors appointed as the Board of Advisors to the International Uechi-ryu Karate Federation (IUKF) has been in place since 1998.

Meet Our Executives

George E. Mattson – Founder, Grand Master
Darin Yee – President
Len Testa – Legal Advisor

Henry Thom – Chairman
Ian Quitilen – Vice President, Rank and Promotions
Dan Maestas – Vice President, Dojo Administrator
International Representatives:

Canada: David Mott
Great Britain: Lee Adams & Al Wharton
Germany: Paul Kronschnabl, Renshi, Rokkudan Email: paul.kronschnabl@web.de
Cuba: Noslem Torres M

Titles Committee Director: Bruce Witherell

Oversight Committee Director: Al Wharton