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Nov 26

Congrats to Leonardo Ferreira Dos Santos

The IUKF is proud to announce that Leonardo Ferreira Dos Santos of Sensei Luis Otavio Montiero’s dojo, Kanshukai, has been promoted to Shodan on 11/7/2021! Congratulations to both Leonardo and Sensei Luis! We wish you all the best in furthering your training; the journey has just begun! From,All of us at the IUKF

Sep 16

Hard and Soft (Spanish) – Duro y Blando (Espanol)

Seamos muy científicos y lógicos con respecto a nuestra comprensión de las diferencias entre nuestro entrenamiento de “duro” y “suave”. Hay diferencias claras y ya es hora de que todos nuestros practicantes de Uechi-Ryu sigan la ciencia en lugar de una religión como la “creencia ciega”. Escucho a muchos referirse al aspecto suave del entrenamiento …

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May 25

FREE Autographed Copy of the Black Belt Test Guide Available

The Black Belt Test Guide

We are excited to announce that the IUKF will provide the Shihans (head instructors) of all IUKF-member dojos in good standing with an autographed copy of the Black Belt Test Guide by Sensei George Mattson as a gift from the organization.  We would like to note that while the IUKF will continue to use the Black Belt …

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Sep 03

A Message from IUKF President on Free Virtual Classes

A healthy hello to all our IUKF members, dojos, and Uechi-Ryu students. I thank you for your dedication to the advancement of Uechi-Ryu during these trying times and your commitment to a respectable organization where we can all be proud to wear an IUKF black belt. As a supportive organization, the IUKF has been running …

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Apr 11

Pictures from Winterfest

Winterfest was a smashing success this year, we all had a fantastic time learning and interacting with Uechi practitioners from all over. We also had the great pleasure of Janet Okazaki taking photos throughout the seminar! Here are some of them for you to enjoy! At Winterfest, we learned! We practiced! We laughed! AND We …

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