Apr 20

Brett Maine Appointed. . .

Brett Maine

Brett Maine

Uechi-ryu sensei Brett Maine has been formally appointed as IUKF Membership Director.

Brett, in his new position, will be in charge of handling all membership issues, including updating the master database, issuing permanent ID numbers with a membership kit.

Good luck Brett in your new jobs.

Brett’s email address is: membership.iukf@gmail.com


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  1. David Lamb

    congratulations on your recent appointment! I look forward to working with you!
    Will you be sending out membership registration/re-registration? I used to receive a membership reminder when I would submit dues. I do not know of my current status with IUKF! would you please inform me of this? thanks!

    1. George Mattson

      Many members received notices that their membership was cancelled. In fact, only the paypal “subscription” was cancelled, due to the fact that oour new treasurer and membership director has a new paypal subscription URL.

      I would appreciate all existing members to re-submit your subscription using the new IUKF paypal link.
      George Mattson

  2. Jeremy Tuveson

    Are life-memberships available?

    1. George Mattson

      Please contact Membership director Brett Maine for information on life-memberships at membership.iukf@gmail.com

  3. Enrico paone

    My name is Enrico Paone and I’m interested in joining the iukf. Could you please send me the proper link to apply? Thank you for your time.

    1. George Mattson

      Please contact Brett at membership.iukf@gmail.com

      george mattson

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