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Jun 12

IUKF 2018 Golf Tournament

Announcing the 1st IUKF annual golf tournament. Our tournament will be held at Cross Wind Golf Club a premier golf course in Plymouth on Monday, October 15, 2018. This tournament will be a shotgun start at 9am sharp in a Florida Scramble format which means you will have to arrive at 8am for pre-tournament orientation. …

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Sep 29

Message from the Chairman

INTERNATIONAL UECHI-RYU KARATE FEDERATION A CALL TO JOIN IUKF ——– By Henry Thom, 9-Dan, Hanshi   As a brief introduction, IUKF is a federation of Uechi-Ryu practitioners who share a common lineage to Grandmaster Kanei Uechi.  A member of the South China Martial Arts Alliance [SCMAA] and the Okinawa Family of Uechi Organizations, the IUKF …

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Apr 22

Canada IUKF Administrator’s Blog

Rank by David Mott The rank that I really wanted above all ranks was a green belt. Since I started Uechiryu at the Boston YMCA and spent a year as a white belt there, followed by another year at the Mattson Academy as a white belt, It seemed like I was forever a white belt. Remarkably the rest …

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Apr 22

How The DanTest Process Works!

IUKF Dan Testing Ranks (Shodan through Godan) By Harry Skeffington, International Black Belt Test Administrator The International Uechi-ryu Karate Federation (IUKF) encourages teachers to conduct Dan tests for ranks Shodan through Godan (1st through 5th Dan) with other dojo.  While this is not a requirement, it is meant to encourage IUKF dojo to support each …

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Apr 22

Darin Yee, VP

Hello Friends and Senseis, This is a reminder to watch for the next regional workout being held near you. There is no politics.  Just a great workout with our Uechi Family and a dinner/social afterwards at a nice pub right across the parking lot.  All respectable dojos are welcome and encouraged to attend. This 2 …

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